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Domestic Wire
Contra-4 provides the complete cable solution for Indian Homes covering each and every application. We ensure that each wire and cable is manufactured with same care with which you built your home. Contra-4 Wires and Cables give you same sense of security, which your children feel in your presence.
Contra-4 wires and cables are result of diligent efforts into research and development and rigorous quality check to make sure only the best reaches your home. Each meter of Contra-4 wire and cable has to pass stringent quality tests & then only it qualifies to reach your home. All Contra-4 wires and cables comply with all national and international standards. Our specially formulated FR (fire retardant) PVC makes fire retardency and hence help reduce fire accidents. Our FRLS (Fire Retardant Low Smoke) PVC is a step ahead in this direction, it not only resists propagation of flame but also emit very little smoke when it burns and contains very less HCL/toxic gases.
Contra-4 has uncompromising commitment to quality and reliability and since we manufacture cables for all your needs, you do not have to go anywhere else.
Twin Flat Cables
Contra-4 Manufactures Twin - Flat Leads and Cables, used to connect electric circuits with power distribution lines (poles). Contra-4 connection cables utilize only aluminium wires drawn and annealed in - house. Use of Aluminium lowers overall weight as well as cost of the Cable.
Contra-4 manufactures twin - flat cables with solid Aluminium Conductors. Being flat in shape , Twin Flat cables are not only easier to install but also costs less.
Conductor: Aluminium
Insulation: PVC
Outer sheath: PVC
Size         : 2.5 to 16.0 sq. mm. two core flat
Music Wire
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  Co-Axial Cables
With more and more number of TV channels, single cable now carries more frequency signals than earlier. To cater this need, Contra-4 manufactures CATV coaxial cables specially for such high frequency applications. Specially formulated jacket PVC adds mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, sunlight resistance to cable. Our Co - Axial Cables ensures noise free signals with negligible losses and enhanced performance even at higher frequency applications.
Construction :
Conductor : Solid/Stranded bare annealed electrolytic grade copper
Insulation  : PE foam and solid
Braiding/Taping: Copper ABC/ATC, wire - braiding/aluminium
Outer sheath : Specially formulated PVC
Size         : RG and UR series
Music Wire
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Telephone Wire
To cater the growing need of telecommunication, Contra-4
Telephone Cables. As a fulfillment of our commitment to quality and performance, Contra-4 Telephone cables are among the best in industry and meet various national and international standard requirements.
Conductor: Bare/tinned annealed copper
Insulation: PVC/HR PVC/PE
Shielding    : Individual/Overall Shielded with aluminium tape (
Bare/Tinned copper wire braiding
Music Wire

Size Sq. mm. Conductor  No. of strands/ dia of strands mm. Insulation Thickness (nominal) mm. Sheath Thickness (nominal)     mm. Overall Dimensions Conductor resistance at 20o C ohms/km Current   carrying capacity at 40o C Amps
Width (approx) mm Height (approx) mm
1 14/0.3 0.6 0.9 10.5 5 18.1 11
1.5 22/0.3 0.6 0.9 11.5 5.4 12.1 14
2.5 36/0.3 0.7 1 14 6.4 7.41 18
4 56/0.3 0.8 1 16.5 7.4 4.95 26
6 84/0.3 1 1.15 18.7 7.9 3.3 31
10 140/0.3 1 1.4 23.7 9.9 1.91 42
16 226/0.3 1 1.4 28 11.4 1.21 57
25 354/0.3 1.2 2 35.5 14.7 0.78 72
35 495/0.3 1.2 2 39.5 16.2 0.554 90
50 703/0.3 1.4 2.2 45.5 18.3 0.386 115
70 360/0.5 1.4 2.2 51 20 0.272 143
95 475/0.5 1.6 2.4 60 23.5 0.206 165
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