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Gonica World is a leader of Submersible safety Wire for bore well pumps. We are manufacturing Submersible safety wire, Submersible control panel, Submersible power cable etc. We are renowned for quality equipment that can get the job done where others fail to perform.

Our products are designed to cover the widest range of applications in the construction, municipal department, chemical industries, process, mining, utilities, and irrigation domestic fields.

Our goal is to make us as approachable as possible and to respond to customers as quickly as possible. In pursuit of these goals, we have several outlets in the entire northern town and cities and installed flexible manufacturing systems and a wide variety of configuring and design platform that can be shared by a family of products.

We have widened our platform base to meet our customers' needs. The product range has evolved from the goal that the farmer, no matter which part of the country he is in, has a suitable water pumping system available from Contra-4.

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